Biotecsi, Georgia






Sulfametoxazol - 400mg


Trimethoprim - 80mg


Pills are packed in containers. Each container contains 40 pills;




Pharmacological characteristics:


Sultrim 480 is characterized with strong atriparasite activities. It is effective against gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms that cause infective diseases due to those active substances, which it contains;






Sultrim 480 is used with every kind of domestic animal against microorganisms that are sensitive to Sulfametoxazol and Trimethoprim.


- Infections of upper and lower respiratory ways;

- Infections of digestive system;

- Infection of genitals and urinary organs;

- Secondary infections, which appear during viral diseases;

- Skin infections;

- Tissue infections;

Cattle, sheep, goats and meat-eater animals - diarrhea, colisepticemy, polyarthritis salmonellosis, pasterelosis, pneumonia, abscess caused by staphylococcus;


Swine - colibacteriosis, atropic rhinitis, salmonellosis, pasterelosis, toxoplasmosis, haemophilic pleuropneumonia, erysipelas.


Poultry - coccidiosis, pasterelosis, colisepticemy, salmonellosis, staphylococcus, infective flu;


Rabbits - coccidiosis, salmonellosis, staphylococcus;






Cattle, sheep, goats and meat-eater animals, pigs and rabbits: drug is given together with food, mixed in water on in milk according to following doses:1 pill (480mg) - 15kg b/w, 2 doses with the interval of 12 hours;


Poultry: Drug is given together with food or water in following dose:


Chicken that are up to one week old - 1/4 pill (120mg), which is dissolved in 2 liters of drinking water;


Hen species that are used for meat and egg production (1-8 week olds) - 1/4 pill (120mg), which is dissolved in 1 liter of drinking water or 1/2 pill (240mg), which is mixed with 1 kg of food;


Egg layer hens (20 weeks and older) - 1/2 pill (240mg), which is dissolved in 1 liter of drinking water or 3/4 pill (360mg), which is mixed with 1 kg of food;


Turkey (5-20 week olds)- 1/2 pill (240mg), which is dissolved in 1 liter of drinking water;


When drug is given together with water, at first the drug is mixed with little amount of water (100-150ml) until a homogenous suspension is received. Remaining amount of water is added to given suspense and it is stirred well until complete dissolution.


Treatment is carried out until all clinical signs of disease disappear plus two additional days.




Side effects:


No side effects were reported. Dogs and pigs may have retching due to sensitivity to Sulfanilamid. In such case treatment with given drug is stopped;






Gestation, lactation, higher sensitivity to drug; It isnt recommended to give this drug to grown-up animals. Contraindications are reported in animals with diseases of blood-producing organs, liver and kidneys.




Specific warning:


 It is permitted to slaughter animals after 7 days from the last administration of drug;






Polyethylene containers with 40 pills;




Conditions of storage: "B" list. Drug is kept in tightly capped containers in dry area, which is protected from light in the temperature of 20° C.


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