Active ingredients: %80 Fosetyl-AL
Formulation: WP (Suda ıslanabilir toz)
Properties: It is a bidirectional systemic fungicide which can be transported in the plant sap from the leaves to the root and vice versa.
Packing: 1kg, 250 gr
Plants and Diseases to Use for
Plant name
Diseases name
Usage doze
The time between last disinfectant apply and harvesting
Mildew (Phytophthora infestans)
250 g/100 l water 
7 days 
Mildew (Pseudoperonospora cubensis)
200 g/100 l water 
7 days 
Mildew Pseudoperonospora cubensis)
200 g/100 l water 
7 days 
Mildew (Peronospora destructor)
150 g/100 l water 
7 days 
Fire blight (Erwinia amylovora)
400 g/100 l water 
15 days 
Citrus fruits*
Brown rot (Phytopthora citrophthora)
200 g/100 l water** 
15 days 
*Citrus fruits, (Lemon, orange, grapefruit, mandarin) **Before each spraying, infected parts of the trees should be removed using a tool dipped in disinfectant.
Onion Mildew: Spraying is started once the first signs of disease are seen in the environment. Spraying is done at 10-day intervals.
False mildew in cucumber and melon: Spraying is started once vine growth begins or the first signs of disease are seen in the environment and it is repeated at 10-day intervals. There should be at least one week between the last spraying and harvest.
Citrus fruits: Spraying is done three times a year, during periods of rapid vining (April, June and September).
Pear: Spraying should be done at least three times with 7-8 day intervals starting from the beginning of flowering (white bud stage).
Tomato: Spraying is started when brown spots with a diameter of 3-5 mm are noticed on the tomato leaves, with a white ash-like conidial layer on the lower surface. The plant should be sprayed thoroughly, including lower surfaces of leaves.
First read the label.
  • Do not use at home
  • Keep away from children, food and animal feed
  • Do not eat, drink and smoke while applying Plant safety product
  • Do not let people and animals enter the injected area till plant safety product dries
  • To prevent the risks to people and environment use the product in accordance with instructions and indicated dozes.
SYMPTOMS OF POISONING: While overdosing sleepiness, breathlessness, shaking, muscles stretching treatment can be observed. The other poisoning symptoms are indicated in the Harmfulness Statement (H) point.
Eyes: In case of contact wash the open eyes with water during 15–20 minutes. If needed consult a physician.
Skin: In case of contact take off the polluted clothes. Wash the polluted parts of body with water during 15-20 minutes. In case of spread and sensitivity consult a physician.
Swallowing:  In case of swallowing induce vomiting. Immediately consult a physician. Show the package of application to the physician. Do not induce vomiting and do not give anything to swallow to the unconscious person.
Breathing: The poisoned person should be transferred on the open air. In case of hard breathing give oxygen, if do not breath give artificial respiration. Consult a physician.
There is no special antidote. The medical treatment is assigned in accordance with symptoms.
The brand of ®HEKTAŞ TİCARET T.A.Ş
H318 Causes eye and skin injuries.
P280 Use safety gloves/clothes/glasses/face mask.
P305+P351+P338 in case of contact with eyes: Carefully wash several minutes with water. Take of the contact lenses. Continue washing.
P310 Immediately speak to a physician or Poisoning Centre.
P501 Eliminate the packing in accordance with instructions.
EUH401 To prevent the risks to the people health and environment obey the usage instruction.
PREPARATION OF PLANT SAFETY PRODUCT FOR APPLY: Taking into account the advised doze first mix the plant safety product with some water in separate vessel. The container of spraying machine should be half-full by water. The mixture should be added into container while the mixer of machine is working. While continuing the mixing, fill the container with water. The mixing action should be continued till the end of spraying. The prepared plant safety product should be used the same day. 
CALIBRATION: The calibration of the spraying machine should be done before spraying. The doze of mixture should be calibrated for covering all the spraying area. The spraying should be done in cool period of the day in breathless or light wind weather. 
CLEANLINESS OF SPRAYING MASHINE: Straight after the end of spraying carefully drain the container of machine. Fill the container with clean water, and run the mixer and sprayer to let it clean all the parts of the machine. Do not wash the machine near water sources. Do not pour the spoiled water and wastes into wter sources.
Alfosetil 80 WP is a two-way systemic fungicide which can be transferred from leaves to roots and from roots to leaves by the moisture of plants. For this reason even if it rains 5-6 hours after the spraying there is no need to repeat the spraying. Very good wetting should be provided for absorbing of the plant safety product into the moisture of plants in a short time and being homogenous.
Brown rot and stock coagglutination in citrus:
*Against infection contamination in fruit:
1st application: In Autumn before the rains start or straight after the first rains.
2nd application: If the weather is rainy the second application is made 15 days after the 1st application.
*Against the stock infection contamination: The injuries on infected trees should be cleaned to the xylem in October, January, and March. Apply is made in the tree bole and roots infections. The bark on the injured parts should be fully cleaned by a clean knife, and especially the parts of the trees till 1-1.5 m high should be carefully disinfected.
Brown rot after the injury of citrus: The fruit are kept in the mixture during 3 minutes.
Fire burn in pears: The preparation should be applied when blossom starts and during full blossom. If the favorable conditions for the disease continue to exist the 3rd apply may be needed.
False mildew in cucumber and melon: The spraying starts when plants deliquesce or when the first strokes of disease are seen. It should be repeated each 10 days.
Onion mildew: The spraying starts when the first strokes of disease are seen. It should be repeated each 10 days.
Tomato mildew: The spraying starts when brown spots on tomato leaves are 3-5 mm size till it forms the layer of white silt or when there are seen the first strokes of disease in the same places as every year. Depending on severity and climatic parameters the spraying is continued each 10 days.
RESISTANCE INFORMATION: Alfosetil 80 WP plant safety product is a fungicide classified to Group U:33 in accordance with its  impact mechanism. The repetitive sprayings by the plant safety products with the same impact mechanism stimulate the resistance development. Because of this for delay of the resistance development do not exceed the advised general number of sprayings by Alfosetil 80 WP in a season. If the repetition of spraying is needed, concentrate on usage of plant safety products having a different impact mechanism (except U:33 Group).
MIXING POSIBILITIES: It should not be mixed with leave fertilizers and fragrant plant safety products. The oil and oiled plant safety products should be used after the plant protection product prevents penetration into the leaves. Because of the use of different fillers in plant protection products, it is advisable first to carry out small experimental mixtures.
  • Keep the plant safety products in the closed package.
  • Do not use the empty package for other purposes.
  • Do not put the plant safety products into the empty food and beverage packages.
  • It is poisonous for bees. Do not use during blossom period. 
  • It is poisonous for fish. Do not mix into the land and underground water sources.
  • Alfosetil® 80 WP being moisture catching should be protected in non-air conditions to prevent soiling.
STORAGE CONDITIONS: The physical, chemical and biological resistance does not change during 3 years if stored in normal conditions (cool and dry) in their original package.
Manufacturers can guarantee the quality of plant safety products if sold in their original package. Manufacturers do not take responsibility for damage and harm caused by incorrect storage or apply by users or by non-observance of usage advices.



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