Active ingredient: 100 % polyoxyethylene isodecyl
Properties: The full circulation of the preparation content to all parts of the plant improves efficiency of the product impact. The buds on fruit trees, the plants with lanose and butyroid surface are not always fully treated by the preparation. The preparation is not remained of such surfaces and flows. As the result all parts of the plant are not treated equally, and this causes phytotoxicity and weakens the biological impact. To prevent such kind of problems the preparation named Hektovet is used.
Packing:  1lt, 250 ml
Usage:   Hektovet prevents spotting after treatment of fruits and ornamental plants with medical preparations. Due to Hektovet the medical preparations are spread on harvest and flowers as light film. Thus it improves efficiency preventing the spotting.
Doze:   Hektovet is used mixed with insecticised, fungicides and leaves fertilizers. For 100 lt of work solution it is used 25 ml of preparation. While implementation with herbicids for the work solution for 1 ha it is used 0,5 lt of Hektovet.
Mixture:  Can not be mixed with Hektovet bordo.



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