Active ingredient: 240 gr/lt Clodinafop-propargyl
Formulation: Emulsion Concentrate
Properties: Cowboy 240 EC is absorbed through leaves of the narrow-leaved pests. The active growth of sensitive to the preparation narrow-leaved pests stops after 48 hours. Depending on the types of grass and environment the result of preparation activity is seen during 1-3 weeks. The rot in growth points is visible with unaided eye, juvenile leaves go yellow and the death of the plant comes. Rainfall precipitated 2-3 hours after treatment do not adversely affect.
Packing: 400 ml, 200 ml
Plants and Diseases to Use for
Plant name
Diseases name
Usage doze
Time and method of treatment
Wildoat (Avena sterilis, A.fatua) 
Small canary grass (Phalaris minör, P.paradoxa, P.brachystachys)
Slender meadow foxtail (Alopecurus myosuroides) 
Poison darnel (Lolium temelentum) 
20 ml/da
It is used generally in the beginning of germination of the wheat; the latest time – till the end of germination
*It is not advisable to use the preparation COWBOY® 240 EC for other plants exept wheat.  
COWBOY® 240 EC is extracted from the leaves of narrow-leaved pests. The active growth of the narrow-leaved pests sensitive to the plant safety preparations stops during 48 hours. Depending on the type of pests and environment conditions the plant effect is seen during 1-3 weeks. The rot in the growth points, yellowing and death of juvenile leaves are observed. It is not washable by rain falling 2-3 hours after treatment. The auxiliary component (antidote) of the preparation formulation stimulates the metabolism process, therethrough increasing the selectivity of preparation over wheat. It is very good perceived by wheat during treatment in the indicated period and dose.    
PREPARATION OF PLANT SAFETY PRODUCT FOR APPLY: Taking into account the advised doze first mix the plant safety product with some water in separate vessel. The container of spraying machine should be half-full by water. The prepared mixture should be added into container while the mixer of machine is working. While continuing the mixing, fill the container with water. The amount of water used for 1 decare should compose 20-40 lt, the fancoil sprayer should be used during spraying. The mixing action should be continued till the end of spraying. The prepared plant safety product should be used the same day. The spraying should be conducted in cool time of day, in breathless and low wind weather.
CALIBRATION: The calibration of the spraying machine should be done before spraying. The doze of mixture should be calibrated for covering all the spraying area. The spraying should be done in cool period of the day in breathless or light wind weather. 
CLEANLINESS OF SPRAYING MASHINE: Straight after the end of spraying carefully drain the container of machine. Fill the container with clean water, and run the mixer and sprayer to let it clean all the parts of the machine. Do not wash the machine near water sources. Do not pour the spoiled water and wastes into water sources.
COWBOY® 240 EC – after germintion of wheat and pests; can be used in any time starting with three-leaved period of wheat till the end of crotch. The best result from preparation COWBOY® 240 EC is obtained while treatment in the period when the most pests are already germinated and during their active growth in conditions of rawness and humidity.
As the preparation COWBOY® 240 EC does not possess durability, its activity is not spread on narrow-leaved pests which germinate after treatment of preparation. The treatment should not be conducted 2 hours before rainfall.
As COWBOY® 240 EC preparation is splitted in a short period of time its activity through soil is approximately equal to zero. For this reason there are no limits in repeated treatments.
RESISTANCE INFORMATION: COWBOY® 240 EC plant safety product is a herbicide classified to Group A1 in accordance with its impact mechanism. The repetitive sprayings by the plant safety products with the same impact mechanism stimulate the resistance development. Because of this for delay of the resistance development do not exceed the advised general number of sprayings by COWBOY® 240 EC in a season. If the repetition of spraying is needed, concentrate on usage of plant safety products having a different impact mechanism (except A1 Group). COWBOY® 240 EC should not be used in the mixture of plant safety preparations, containing sulphonylurea. COWBOY® 240 EC can be used with fungicides of wheat. Before preparation of large amount of mixture it is advisable to prepare the test mixture.
First read the label.
  • Do not use at home
  • Keep away from children, food and animal feed
  • Do not eat, drink and smoke while applying plant safety product
  • Do not let people and animals enter the injected area during 1 day
  • To prevent the risks to people and environment use the product in accordance with instructions and indicated dozes.
Fill the empty package of the used plant safety product to one-quarter full with clean water and shake it. Pour the shaken water into the spraying container. Repeat it 3 times. 
SYMPTOMS OF POISONING: general symptoms of poisoning can be observed.
Eyes: In case of contact wash the open eyes with water during 15–20 minutes. If needed consult a physician.
Skin: In case of contact take off the polluted clothes. Wash the polluted parts of body with water during 15-20 minutes. In case of spread and sensitivity consult a physician.
Swallowing:  In case of swallowing drink a large amount of water and activated carbon. Consult a doctor. Do not induce vomiting and do not give anything to eat or drink in case of injured one is unconscious.
Respiration: The poisoned person should be transferred on the open air. Consult a physician.
There is no special antidote. The treatment is assigned in accordance with symptoms.
H226 Flammable liquids and vapour
H315 It causes skin irritation
H312 It is harmful while contacting with skin
H332 It is harmful while inspiration
H317 It can cause an allergic reaction  
H373 It can cause damage of organs in case of longstanding and repeated affection   
H411 It has long lasting and toxic effect in aquatic environment
P210 Keep away from warmth / spark / flame / hot surface – Do not smoke
P280 Use protective gloves / protective clothes / protection for eyes / facemask
P314 In case of unwellness consult a doctor
P273 Do not pour to the environment.
P501 Eliminate the packing in accordance with instructions.
EUH401 Follow the usage instructions for prevention of risks for human health and environment.
  • It is poisonous for bees. Do not use during blossom.
  • It is poisonous for fish. Do not mix into the land and underground water sources.
  • Do not use empty packages in other aims
STORAGE CONDITIONS: The physical, chemical and biological resistance does not change during 4 years if stored in normal conditions (cool and dry) in their original package.
Manufacturers can guarantee the quality of plant safety products if sold in their original package. Manufacturers do not take responsibility for damage and harm caused by incorrect storage or apply by users or by non-observance of usage advices.


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