Active ingredients:  %25 Tebuconazole
Formulation: Water soluble powder
Properties: This preparation has effect on more than one chain link of ergosterol biosynthesis. It means that the metabolismof funguses stops in more than one place. Because of its system property tebuconazole has effect on a plant, and is spread inside of leaves structure continuously and homogenously. Due to this property it protects the new shoots and leaves from infections for a long time. Tebuconazole has protective, medicinal, and in some cases elimination properties. Because of this it provides so strong control while transferring into leaves. This preparation is a fungicide with very wide range of impact and can be applied to many agricultural plants, and corresponds to the programs on integration control.
Packing: 250 gr, 600 gr, 3 kg
Plants and Diseases to Use for
Plant name
Diseases name
Usage doze
The time between last disinfectant apply and harvesting
Early leaves burn (Alternaria solani)
50 gr/100 lt of water
7 days
Mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha)
25 gr/100 lt of water
14 days
Black spots (Venturia ineaqualis)
25 gr/100 lt of water
Gramineous  plant
Brown rust (Puccina striiformis)
75 gr/da 
Septoria leaf blotch (Septoria tritici)
75 gr/da 
Monilia (Sclerotinia laxa)
60 gr/100 lt of water
14 days
Black spots (Venturia pyrina)
25 gr/100 lt of water
14 days



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